Check with an HTC customer service representative for information about availability in your location.

As a new service, Ultimate Entertainment is not yet available in all parts of the HTC service area. Continue to visit to follow our progress.

Service will be available within the city limits of the following cities (in order of first to receive):

  • Valmeyer now available
  • Prairie du Rocher now available
  • Waterloo now available
  • Red Bud now available
  • Columbia now available
  • Dupo now available in limited areas
  • Renault now available

Introducing Ultimate Entertainment

Ultimate Entertainment represents the latest in TV technology and delivers the most consistent and clear television service to your home. Check availability to learn when this new service will arrive in your area. Experience loads of movie choices plus a range of customizable features. The Ultimate Entertainment advantage puts these ultimate features at your fingertips:

Vast Channel Line-up

200+ all digital video channels
50 all digital music channels
40+ premium channels
Including local channels

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Record favorite shows in digital format and watch at your convenience.

*DVR service is available for all packages at an additional $8/month. Requires a DVR capable set top box.

Image quality unaffected by weather conditions

No antenna, no satellite dish, just quality.

Local Service

Local company service and local customer service reps.

Competitive prices

Ultimate Entertainment starts at $29.95/month.

Caller ID delivered to television

See who is calling without ever leaving the couch
*Requires caller id service through your landline telephone.


Delivers on-screen Internet feeds.

Digital Clarity

Delivered by state-of-the-art technology.

Video on Demand (VOD)

Rent movies direct from your television and skip the trip to the video store.

High Definition Programming (HD)

80+ HD channels available.

Parental Controls

Block content that may be inappropriate for children.

Contact an HTC customer representative to find out what package is best for you.

Click on the channels included in each package to see the channel line-up.

Get the best of Ultimate Entertainment

Premier - Starting at $100.95 for 12 months*

Includes: 160 channels
31 premium movie and 50 music channels.

Standard Packages

All packages include local channels and video on demand access.

Basic Ultimate Entertainment - $29.95

27 channels

Expanded Basic Lite
Ultimate Entertainment
- $49.95

41 channels

Expanded Ultimate Entertainment
Starting at $49.95 for 12 months!!*

129 channels
50 music channels

Build your plan

+ Premium Suites

Add select premium channel suites to your Basic or Expanded Ultimate Entertainment package.


+ $12/month
+ 7 more channels


+ $16/month
+ 11 more channels


+ $20/month
+ 8 more channels


+ $16/month
+ 9 more channels

Regular Rate $29.95/mo.*

*Local Channel Surcharge not included in price.

Regular Rate $49.95/mo.*

*Local Channel Surcharge not included in price.

New Customers pay $49.95/mo. for the first 12 months*
Regular Rate $89.95/mo.

* Eligibility contingent on 12 month commitment to Expanded Ultimate Entertainment
Offer good for new customers only, offer only applies to base package pricing.
Additional features may incur additional charges.
Local Channel Surcharge not included in price.

New Customers pay $100.95/mo. for the first 12 months*
Regular Rate $147.95/mo.

* Eligibility contingent on 12 month commitment to Premier Ultimate Entertainment, offer good for new customers only.
Local Channel Surcharge not included in price.

+ Sports Tier

+ $10/month
+ 11 channels to Expanded line-up

+ Entertainment Tier

+ $10/month
+ 32 channels to Expanded line-up

+ HD Basic

+ $10/month
+ 63 HD channels to your Expanded + Variety line-up

+ HD Plus

+ $5/month
+ 9 more HD channels to your Expanded + Variety + HD Basic line-up


+ $8/month
+ Record your favorite shows and play them back at your convenience!

Local Channel Surcharge not included in package prices. HD Basic required to receive HD Premium Channels.
**Customer must subscribe to Entertainment Tier and/or Sports Tier and HD Basic to receive these channels in HD.

Channel Listings

Choose your base package Package:
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HD Basic required to receive HD Premium Channels.

**Requires Entertainment or Sports Tier Package

TV Everywhere

Watch TV everywhere you go!

HTC is teaming up with multiple content providers to offer television on your laptop, mobile device, smartphone, tablet, or other online device.

To get started with this service:

  1. Visit a provider link below.
  2. Select HTC as your Television Provider.
  3. Sign in with your username and password.

Don't have your login information?

You can register or at

Forgot password? Forgot username?


Questions? Give us a call at 618-939-6112.

Sign in below and start watching!

Schedule From Anywhere

Manage your DVR on the go!

Just realized your favorite show is on tonight and you won't be home to watch it?

Record it using HTC's Ultimate Entertainment Remote Scheduler!

Setting up your recordings is at your fingertips right here.

On Demand and Cloud TV

Introducing new On Demand and Cloud TV Features!

The On Demand Menu now gives you access to all available TV programming
and Movies On Demand.

You can access On Demand through the main menu.

Press the Menu button on your remote, then use the arrow buttons to navigate to On Demand.

TV programming will be listed under Premiums and Free On Demand:

Movies On Demand will be listed under Movies, Events and Sports/Outdoors:

Coming Soon: Cloud TV and Widgets

CloudTV brings Internet content directly to your TV screen.

View and share video or photos at your own convenience via YouTube, MetaChannels and Picasa, as well as local content such as high school athletic events.

Widgets display useful personalized information on your TV.

Widgets are small customizable windows that include stock tickers, weather updates, sports scores, Twitter, and more.

Ultimate Entertainment is the latest in television technology.

HTC’s newest service uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver the most consistent and clear television service to your home.