Joe and Ana Grant

Welcome to our home page. Ana and I live in Columbia, IL, a small town just outside of St. Louis.

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About the Grant Family


Besides being the author of this web site, I am the father of my two kids. My professional interest involves software interface design. Simply put, I like making computer screens that are easy to use.You can also refer to my resume for more on my background.

The best place to discover how I feel about software design is at with the material for Grant Consulting, Inc. Another site to check out my professional interests would be the GatewayCHI web site. Besides finding information about the organization and our meetings, you will find material from our presentations and links to other sites pertaining to software design and the interactions between people and computers.


Ana will soon start being a full-time Mom, marking the end of a number of years working full-time and part-time as an ultrasound technologist. When time permits, she enjoys reading a good mystery novel.


Jeff enjoys being a 6 year boy and finding new ways to drive Daddy crazy. He has practically memorized all 151 Pokemon. From the way that he likes running around the house, I plan on getting some money off of his Olympic endorsements in about 15 years.


Kelly is 3, and a real sweetheart. Kelly used to be very quiet, but now she's a toddler;)


Grace is the youngest at 8 months old. She joined our family in late June. Grace loves giving people a big baby smile when we take her out.


Though Nathan only lived a short time, he will always be remembered and the time that we had him treasured dearly. I have put together a page if you would like to learn more about him.


Family Pictures

Here's some pictures of the family. Click on them to see the full picture. If you do you look at them and you are one of our friends or family, please email me back to say how well you could see it!

Older pictures are also available.


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