U.S.S. Birmingham SSN 695 Commissioned Dec. 16, 1978

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Built by Newport News Shipbuilding

The Birmingham was inactivated as of MARCH 27, 1997

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Torpedo Room complement of:
  • ADCAP and MK 48 Torpedoes
  • Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles
  • Harpoon Anti-Ship Missles
  • BUILDER : Newport News Shipbuilding
    KEEL LAID : April 26, 1975
    LAUNCHED : October 29, 1977
    SPONSOR : Mrs. Maryon P. Allen
    COMMISSIONED : December 16, 1978
    COMPLEMENT : 14 Officers and 127 Enlisted
    INACTIVATED : March 27, 1997
    DECOMMISSIONED : December 22, 1997
    STRICKEN : December 23, 1997

    Birmingham had earned three Meritorious Unit Commendations, a Navy Unit Commendation, three Battle "E"s, an Engineering "E", two supply "E"s, a Communication "C", a Damage control "DC", and an Anti-Submarine Warfare "A"

    Let us remember in our prayers our departed shipmate DK Walters Tom Pashko and Jim Stevens. If anyone knows of another shipmate who has passed and not listed please email me.

    New York Mini Reunion June 21 2003.

    I do not have the plankowner plaque that was hanging in crews mess. That was suppose to go with the last plankowner who left the Birmingham. I was told that Hap Clark was the last Plankowner to leave B'ham.

    I did get the Torpedomens Div. plankowner plaque since I wasthe last TM plankowner to leave. I understand that all divisions had a plaque made by the shipyard workers mine is brass and not real fancy, looks like it was engraved with a nail. It should have the names of the guys in that div.

    DIVEDIVE Sound file in WAV format!

    The Emergency Blow.

    The captains (Paul Callahan) explanation of the blow.

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    USS Birmingham Info/History. The Birmingham commissioning crew info and history from the commissioning book.
    USS Birmingham Crew News. News about the boat emailed to me over the years.
    Captains of the Birmingham. A list of the captains of the Birmingham and their pictures, if available. By the way I haven't kept up with any updates to this. So if you have them email me please.
    Birmingham Status News This is a page from the old web site Rick Penza created from information provided by crew-mates about the status of the Birmingham in the last couple of years or her life.
    Shipmate Stuff!! Various Pic's and info about the Birmingham's recent history.
    Sea stories. Sea stories, poems and memories of the crew members.
    JOKES!!. Jokes sent in by crew members.
    Inactivation Feedback. These are email reports back to me on the inactivation in Pearl Harbor.
    Inactivation Pictures. Pictures taken by Bill Rath of the inactivation.
    The inactivation and official pics. This is a reconfigured page of the one ComSubPac had up. I put it up here so we wont lose the photos and story when they take it off there site.

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