Business Phone + TV

Get the best prices on business phone service and TV service by bundling them into one monthly bill. HTC will provide crystal clear phone lines for everyone in your office, plus television service to entertain your guests as they wait.

Business Phone Service

Through our phone service, you’ll get multiple phone lines with unlimited local and long distance calls, optional 800 service and conference calling, and support from Southwestern Illinois’ friendliest communications company.

Reservationless Plus Conference Calling

Our conferencing solution lets you initiate a conference call whenever you want to without having to contact the Operator or make a reservation. Instead, you simply dial a permanent, toll-free number and enter a conference code.

*No setup fees. Billing occurs when service is used and costs 15 cents per minute per participant.

800 Service

Customers can call you for free with a toll-free number. $5/mo., $.09/min.

Optional Features

Build your business phone package by choosing from various features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and more.

Ultimate Entertainment TV Service

Not sure which television channels to choose? We have Ultimate Entertainment TV packages to please every audience. Choose our Base package for access to 75 channels including local stations, or add one of our premium movie channel packages. If you own a sports bar, our sports TV packages will get you access to Fox Sports Midwest, the Golf Channel and more. HD TV packages are also available.


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Basic Commercial Feature Packages:

Caller ID


+ $10/month

Caller ID + 2 features

+ $13/month

Caller ID + 4 features

+ $16/month

Caller ID + 6 features

+ $19/month

Or Customize Your Features:

4 preferred features

+ $6/month

6 preferred features

+ $9/month

8 preferred features

+ $12/month


Call Handling Options

Call waiting
Cancel call waiting
Call forwarding all calls
Call forwarding busy line/ no answer
Three-way calling
Intercom/call transfer

Automatic/Convenience Dialing Options

Speed call 8/30
Automatic call back *66
Automatic recall *69

Call Blocking Options

Call block
Selective call acceptance
Selective call forwarding
Selective call waiting

Caller Identity Options

Caller ID
Caller ID on call waiting
Distinctive ring
VIP alert

Multi-Line Commercial Voice Notes

We know you need to respond to every business call. Voice Notes messaging system gives you the power to deliver attentive customer service to each phone customer without stressing about missed calls.

+ $4.95/month Package


1-minute messages
10 message maximum
30-second greeting
7 day retention
Busy/No Answer transfer
to Voice Mail
Date and time stamps
New Message Notification


+ $12.95/month Package


3-minute messages
14-day retention
30 messages
30-second greeting
Mailbox partitioning
Multiple and time-dependent greeting
Message deposit and retrieval
Stutter dial tone
Second-line access
Operator revert Remote-message notification
Mailbox message delivered to mobile
Create, send, reply and redirect messages
Broadcast lists
Special delivery options
Help prompts
Security codes
Date and time stamps
Busy/no-answer transfer to Voice Notes