Business Television

Not sure which television package is best for your business? We’ll help you choose a lineup that’s perfect for your patrons. With our Base package you get 46 channels including local stations, and by adding one of our Business packages you’ll get more great channels like Disney, Hallmark, Fox Sports and more.

Add Ultimate TV to your business Internet and phone service today and start saving big!

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Vast Channel Lineup

  • 175+ all digital video channels
  • 40+ premium channels
  • Includes local channels

Caller ID on Your TV
See who is calling without ever leaving the couch.

*Requires Caller ID service through your landline telephone

Video on Demand (VOD)
Rent movies just out of theaters direct from your TV.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Record favorite shows in digital format and watch at your convenience.

*DVR service is available for all packages at an additional $10/month. Requires a DVR capable set top box.

Parental Controls
Block content that may be inappropriate for children.

Crisp, Quality Image
No antenna or satellite dish to affect image quality in bad weather.

Competitive prices

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Better in a Business Bundle

Our business bundle gives you the best phone and Internet rates available. By combining dependable phone service and high-speed Internet services together, you’ll get the lowest prices along with the most personal service in Southern Illinois. If you’ve been looking for the best Internet and phone deals, you can stop here.

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