Opera House Bistro - Testimonial for HTC

This HTC Business customer is busy this season planning banquets. We’re honored they’ve chosen us as their preferred Internet provider.

Opera House Bistro, Red Bud IL

Whether he’s helping a bride-to-be plan her reception or posting menu specials on his website, Executive Chef and Opera House Bistro owner David Dannenberg relies on HTC for dependable phone and Internet service. His intimate restaurant and banquet center in the heart of Red Bud is a favorite of many area couples and families, so he doesn’t have time to deal with WiFi issues. Instead, he trusts that HTC’s fast connection will keep business running smoothly so he can keep making delicious dishes and hosting amazing special events.

“Great service and a full menu of great options is at the heart of what we do,” says Dannenberg. “With HTC, we get the same exact thing.”

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