Outstanding Phone Features

Reservationless Plus Conference Calling

Our on-demand conferencing solution enables you to initiate a conference call at any time without a reservation or the help of the Operator. Reservationless Plus makes holding a conference as simple as dialing a permanent, toll-free number and entering a conference code.

No setup fees, billed only when service used and costs 15 cents per minute per participant.

800 Service

Encourage customers to call you for free by providing them with a toll-free number. $5/month, $.09/minute

  • Up to 10 phone lines
  • Optional 800 service
  • Conference calling
  • Free incoming calls
  • No costly overages
  • Never a roaming charge

IP Voice/VOIP (Voice Over IP)

Our IP Voice, or VOIP, delivers phone service into businesses via a high-speed data connection. This new solution provides the same features/functions as standard HTC phone service, plus advanced voicemail and unified communications. Our VOIP phone system provides the highest level of reliability and continued E911 emergency services support.