Custom Feature Options with HTC's Home Phone Service

Check home voicemail while you’re away from home.

Speed Dial
Program numbers that you frequently call.

Caller ID
Identify who is calling.

Call Waiting
Know when you have another incoming call.

Call Forwarding
Send calls to your work line, cell phone, or anywhere else.

Custom Rings
Assign specific rings for certain phone numbers.

Need Long Distance Service?

HTC is one of Illinois’ largest long distance phone service providers. With rates starting as low as .05/minute, we’re sure to have a long distance plan that meets your needs.

Unlimited Long Distance Plans

Requires Caller ID and Voice Notes.
Data calls not included. USF charge applies.

Data calls not included. USF charge applies.

All plans include: in-state service, out-of-state service, 800 phone numbers, international calling and multi-line service.

Pay by the minute

(residential and commercial)

7.5 cents/minute
no monthly fee

Nickel Plan .05/minute, $4.95 monthly fee

Why you need a home phone

With today’s cell phone technology, customers often ask what benefits there are to using a local phone service. There are several major advantages to staying connected to a landline.

Pinpoint 911 service.
Wireless phones are not associated with a fixed address, which means 911 can't easily find your precise location. When the call comes from the dispatcher, they can see your exact address and send help much faster.

Keeps working in an electrical outage.
A corded home phone will continuously provide phone service even when power goes out. Cell phones can often lose signals or run out of battery, making it impossible to contact emergency numbers.

Won’t run out of minutes or drop a call.
With home phone from HTC, you can call family and friends as often as you like and talk as long as you like, while never having to worry about minutes or losing a signal.

Directory listings allow friends to find you.
Your contacts can easily find your mailing address and look up your phone number in phone books and online directories.

Ask about the Internet + Phone Bundle for unlimited local and long distance calling.