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Deciding on a high-speed Internet, TV and voice provider can be difficult.  There are a lot of considerations to make, such as Internet speed, how many web enabled devices are in your home (including smart TVs, desktops, laptops, Smartphones, tablets, game counsoles and others), and whether you want television and voice as part of your services. Do you just want Internet or do you want to bundle it with television and/or voice?  Do you want television? And of course, who can live without the Internet?  Do you need the fastest Internet speed in your home? Maybe you just want a landline. Finally, what is your budget for these services?  Once you have decided what services you need, many begin the daunting task of researching service providers.   Each company has an array of services and plans within each category option of high-speed Internet, TV and voice.  Which one is best for you and/or your family?  Is this particular company really the fastest Internet provider?  How do the bundles compare?  And then, within each provider, there can be a multitude of plans from which to consider.  If you want television, what television networks do you want… do you want HD… how about premium channels and video on demand?  The questions seem to go on and on.


At Harrisonville Telephone Company, we want to take all the guesswork out of comparison shopping for you.  We know that once you talk to us and review our great Internet, TV and voice packages and bundle options, your decision will be easy.  Besides the fact that we offer high quality, technologically advanced products and services at affordable prices, we provide something that no other company in the area can:  friendly, local, expert customer service.  We are proud to be one of the top 100 phone companies in the country and fifth largest in Illinois.  However, we are more proud to be our local communities’ hometown Internet, TV and voice provider.



Looking for the best broadband packages and pricing? Harrisonville Telephone Company has been providing its customers the best in high-speed Internet, TV and voice services plus the best local customer service for decades. HTC has been providing business-class, broadband and wireless Internet that keeps our customers connected with reliability and fast service.


HTC is based in southwestern Illinois, right where our customers live and work, allowing us to provide fast customer service. Whether downloading music, gaming, working from home or just plain surfing, HTC has the Internet service to fit your needs and your location. Our benefits include:

  • An extensive fiber network
  • Lowest priced service in the area
  • Surf, stream, download or game 24/7
  • Free local technical phone support


Interested in Internet broadband availability in your area?  Want to conduct a broadband test Contact a local HTC customer service representative today!


Among the top 100 largest providers in the United States and the fifth largest in Illinois, HTC provides the highest quality and most comprehensive services, including Internet, TV and voice. Serving residential and commercial customers alike, Harrisonville offers the most advanced products, technology and services that support your fast-paced lifestyle.  And moving forward into the future, HTC remains committed to offering the best Internet, TV and voice products and services across our coverage area and beyond.


HTC began as a provider of telephone services in 1896 and now, 120 years later continues to be not only a telephone provider, but also a provider of Internet and television in the area.  Since our founding we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers.  We work to keep this trust every day by being a reliable and committed communications provider of the best technologies at the best possible price.


Our goal is to continue to exceed your expectations with Internet, TV and voice products and great customer service provided by local personnel.  Give us a call and experience our local, friendly service first-hand.