Millstadt, IL

Filled with charm and a unique German heritage, Millstadt is a small town in the southwest section of St. Clair County.  About eight miles from the St. Clair county seat and busy city of Belleville, a trip to Millstadt is a lovely trip back in time.  Small and quaint yet full of character, Millstadt is home to approximately 4,000 people, with over half being able to claim German descent.  In many of the original 19th century buildings built by the original German settlers are shops, businesses, restaurants and homes.  Several churches and two elementary schools are also located in Millstadt, creating the center of the friendly and sincere community life.

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The story of the naming of Millstadt is an interesting one.  Millstadt was originally named Centerville because it was located at equal distance between Belleville and Columbia, Illinois.  Due to confusion between another town in Illinois called Centreville, residents decided to change the name to Mittlestadt, which in German means “center city.”  However, when the town received its incorporation papers back from the state of Illinois in 1880, the state had misspelled the name, spelling it “Millstadt” instead.  Since there were several mills in the area, the residents of Millstadt decided to simply keep the name.

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