New Athens, IL

New Athens is located in St. Clair County in Southwestern IL and sits on the Kaskaskia River. The village of Athens was originally laid out in 1836 and incorporated much later in 1866. The town was originally called Athens and later changed the name to New Athens in 1868 after it was discovered that there was already a town called Athens located within the state of Illinois.

One of the first businesses to open in the new town made bricks. These bricks were used in various types of construction including businesses and residential structures. A house built from some of the first bricks still stands today. It was built and occupied by one of the founders of the village and riverboat transportation business owner, Narcisse Pensoneau. This home still stands today and located at 1000 Belsha Street.

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The area is known for the water sports recreation, including annual boat races and fishing derby. It is also the home of the Peabody River King Conservation Area.

Throughout the years, New Athens has been an anchor to the surrounding area. Agriculture remains as a vital economic engine and dominant industry for the residents of the town and surrounding area. Additionally, many coal mines operated in the area, including Peabody Coal, Pit No. 3 and Pit No. 6. While it operated, Pit No. 6, boasted the largest excavating shovel of its kind in the world. Other businesses that operated in New Athens included a stove factory, beer brewery, soda bottling works, and a creamery.

While the coal mines and the factories have shut down, the community remains close knit and friendly. From casual conversation at the grocery store, restaurants, church gatherings, to the friendly wave of a passerby, the Village of New Athens offers an ideal setting to live and raise a family.

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