When you add Showtime to your Ultimate Entertainment TV package, you’ll get all the original series, up-to-date sports coverage, hilarious comedians and blockbuster movies that the Showtime network is known for.

For just $17.95 extra per month, you can add Showtime channels to your basic cable package.


Showtime Movies

You’ll always find your favorite movies on the Showtime network. From newly released features to classic family favorites, there are hundreds of movies for everyone in your house to enjoy.

Showtime Series

Want to watch the shows that everyone’s talking about? With Showtime, you’ll get reality series like A Season With Notre Dame Football, original comedies like Episodes, and heart-pounding thrillers like Homeland.

Showtime Sports

Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, boxing or baseball, you’ll find the best coverage for every sport. Watch 60 Minute Sports for an investigative look at athletes and competitions, and catch all the best sports documentaries that Showtime has to offer.

Showtime Comedy

From Jay Pharaoh to Andrew Dice Clay, you can catch all of the most hilarious stand-up comedians on Showtime.

Showtime Documentaries 

Want to know more about Lance Armstrong, Billy Joel or Auschwitz? Showtime has detailed documentaries about sports, music, history and more.

Showtime Anytime

With your Showtime subscription through HTC, you’ll get unlimited access to all of the movies, sports, comedies and more to watch on your mobile device. Whether you want to see a previously aired episode or a show that’s airing live on Showtime, this Showtime On Demand feature allows you to watch what you want whenever you want.

Showtime Anytime lets you shift shows from one device to the next and add new episodes to your list of favorites as they premiere, so you never miss anything.