Waterloo, IL

Waterloo, the headquarters of Harrisonville Telephone Company and county seat of Monroe County, is an active and busy community of approximately 10,000 people.  Rich Illinois farmland surrounds Waterloo but at its core is a lovely courthouse square and an active commercial district.  With a multitude of shops, restaurants and businesses within its city limits, there is something for everyone in Waterloo.  Homes in Waterloo are all in warm and friendly neighborhoods.  Boasting some of the best schools in the area and only a 30 minute drive from St. Louis, Waterloo continues to be a growing city.

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The French were the first to inhabit the area and originally named their settlement Bellefontaine, meaning ‘beautiful spring’ which referred to a spring one mile south of the current city.  Waterloo experienced growth in population after the 1830s, when Germans began flooding the area directly from Germany.  Today Waterloo’s buildings, citizens, and local character still reflect this German heritage. Formally founded in 1849 in the center of Monroe County.  Today Harrisonville is proud to provide a comprehensive set of communications services to the city of Waterloo, including Waterloo Internet service and television service.

Beginning in 1896, HTC has been there for Waterloo to meet its growing communication needs.  Today HTC provides Waterloo with its entire, impressive array of communication services, and is the a primary Waterloo high-speed Internet service provider, or Waterloo ISP.  HTC provides Waterloo with the region’s largest and fastest high-speed Internet network with speeds up to 1 Gbps, the latest in television technology delivering the most consistent and clear service to your home, and the most reliable voice and telephone service in the area. Whether residential or business, our Waterloo customers, like all HTC customers, can be assured they will receive the fastest response with local support from local employees. Whatever yourcommunication needs, HTC is there and will continue to be there to serve residences and business of the city of Waterloo.