Evansville, IL

Evansville is beautifully situated in Southwest Illinois, in Randolph County on the eastern side of the Kaskaskia River. The land upon which it is built is hilly, affords good drainage, and had fine plats for beautiful home and businesses. Our history can be traced back over two centuries. In 1805, Alexander Clark settled on a farm three miles south of Evansville. In 1807, John Campbell from South Carolina settled near the mouth of the Nine Mile Creek.

The Village of Evansville apparently had two beginnings. In 1811, a man by the name of Andrew White was the first one who saw the natural fitness of the region for a good town and he formed a town site among the beautiful rolling hillside of the east banks of the Kaskaskia River. Information is limited on what progress the village made from that time until 1834. The next record of development and growth came in 1834 when a gentleman by the name of Cadwell Evans generated plans for the village that included the plotting of streets and lots. This is what is typically recognized as the official beginning for the Village of Evansville.

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Evansville is the only community in Randolph County that is directly situated on the banks of the beautiful Kaskaskia River. It is in an area of good soil fertility and is close to the major recreational lake that lay within the county.

Evansville is an agriculturally oriented trading and service center and is also the location of a large grain loading facility, operated by Gateway Farm Service. Evansville is becoming more of a residence center for community workers. The community is well situated with respect to the prospects of benefiting from the development of Randolph County's resources in the future.

Evansville has relatively good north and south access over Illinois Route 3, but is less well served in other directions.  Its streets are adequate for present and expected future traffic loads if improved to standards and given adequate maintenance; with the reclassification of County route 4 per traffic demands, the main thoroughfare has also been upgraded which has allowed for an increase of agriculture commerce.

The future of Evansville is a bright one. With access to numerous modes of transportation including road, quick interstate highway access and the Mississippi river, the area is situated well for future growth. Additionally, being situated directly on the Kaskaskia River and numerous scenic viewpoints like the Kaskaskia Bluffs, it is a prime spot for recreation development.

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