Quick Tips to Get Started

1. Sign Up

In order to become a HTC TV Now customer, call us at (618) 939-6112. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll email you a link to create your password. If you forget your password, you can always reset it.

2. Download the App

Easily install the app from the App Store on Apple, Play Store on Android, or by searching for HTC TV Now on Fire TV. Or visit tvnow.htc.net in your browser.

3. Find Something to Watch

We’ve organized HTC TV Now across Guide, Shows, Movies, Search and Profile. Find your favorite shows and movies faster and easier than ever.

Highlighted Features

24/7 Support

HTC is here to help. If you’re ever experiencing any difficulty with HTC TV Now, don’t hesitate to contact us at (618) 939-6112 or htcinfo@htc.net.

Parental Controls

Create a PIN from inside the HTC TV Now app to enable parental controls. When on, the PIN must be entered each time mature content is played.


Each member of the household should create a profile so that HTC TV Now can start giving you tailored recommendations and help you resume watching your favorite shows and movies.

Out of Home

You can watch your recordings and some of your channels even when you’re on the go. You can also set recordings from your phone when you forgot to do it the night before.

Voice Control

For most of the ways that you can watch HTC TV Now on your TV, you’ll have voice search and navigation built right into your remote. Try it out a few times to get used to it!

Universal Search

Are you already subscribed to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon? From voice search to featured content, you’ll start to see your content, regardless of what service it comes from, in one place.

Questions about your Firestick?

Our printable guide will help you use a Firestick with HTC TV Now.

Media Player & Remote

Play, pause, seek and change channels

When viewing the video player, you can open controls to play / pause, seek and more by pressing the “Select” button on your remote. This is how you will also enable closed captions and other accessibility settings.

Using the remote, you can change channels on your TV by either selecting the up / down buttons or by swiping left or right on Apple TV.

TV Now Media Player and Remote

How To's

Use the guide

The guide is a channel-based way to browse live and upcoming content. You can filter out content that you’re not subscribed to, or only show movies, sports, news, kids content and more. When you select a program, you’ll see a quick view with description and other information as well as a mini player. Inside the quick view, you can also set recordings as well as go to the full show or movie details page.

TV Now Guide

Use replay

Many channels allow us to automatically record 3 days of programs, so if you missed your favorite show and forgot to record it, you can navigate backwards in the guide to watch programs that have already aired.

TV Now Replay

Browse and search

We’re always trying to help you find stuff you want to watch without having to work too hard to do it. That’s why you’ll see shows and movies featured across different categories and have the ability to pick up watching where you left off on previously viewed content, get personalized recommendations based on your watch history, hand-picked favorites from our staff, as well as top content by genre.

You can also search for content by title to see results across live, on demand and upcoming. If you have Alexa, try using the HTC TV Now Alexa skill to search using your voice.

TV Now Browse and Search

Set and manage recordings

You’ll be able to set a recording in the quick view as well as the full content details page for any content that is either live or upcoming. You can also set a series recording to automatically record new episodes as they air with options to record to record from only specific channels, only new episodes (no-reruns) and extend the recording time.

From the Profile section, you can also access all of your recordings to either quickly watch, change recording options or delete recordings if you’re running out of space. If you record a lot of content, you can buy more space!

TV Now Recordings

Enjoy your new TV service.

If you have any questions, please call our friendly local support at (618) 939-6112. Or reach out to us anytime at htc.net/contact.