Prairie Du Rocher, IL

Prairie du Rocher, founded by the French in 1722, was the fourth European settlement in Illinois. Located four miles to the west of Fort de Chartres and 50 miles south of St. Louis, in the southernmost part of Randolph County, the name Prairie du Rocher translates to “prairie by the rock.” In 1913, the state of Illinois reconstructed the powder magazine at the Fort, which is thought to be the oldest building in the state. Located on the fertile farmland beneath the bluffs of the Mississippi River that is also called the American Bottoms, Prairie du Rocher originally provided food, primarily grain, to the city of New Orleans and other communities in the southern Louisiana Territory.

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Approximately 600 people reside in Prairie du Rocher today, where evidence of its French origins still remains strong with its architecture and customs.  The village is an inviting and hospitable community with an elementary school, parks and churches.  It has an active community base with several events throughout the year that play homage to its French heritage and ties to historic Fort de Chartres.

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