Add Cinemax to your Ultimate Entertainment TV service and watch original series and blockbuster movies, along with access to Max After Dark. Cinemax programming always has exciting shows to keep you glued to the screen. For just $15 extra per month, you’ll get Cinemax for the newest offerings, MovieMAX for classic favorites, ThrillerMAX for scary features, OuterMAX for science fiction and more.

  • 5-Star MAX E HD
  • Cinemax HD
  • OuterMAX
  • 5StarMAX
  • MAX
  • OuterMax E HD
  • ActionMAX
  • MoreMAX
  • ActionMAX E HD
  • MoreMAX E HD
  • ThrillerMAX E HD
  • Cinemáx
  • MovieMAX
  • Cinemáx HD
  • MovieMAX E HD
  • ThrillerMAX

Cinemax Movies

Watch hilarious comedies like Neighbors and chilling dramas like 12 Years a Slave with access to Cinemax. You’ll also see the most action-packed movies like Godzilla and 300:Rise of an Empire. There’s never a dull moment with Cinemax movies.

Cinemax Original Series

From medical shows like The Knick based in 1900 to modern criminal shows like Banshee, you’ll have access to all of Cinemax original series.

Cinemax On the Go

When you add Cinemax to your Ultimate Entertainment TV package, you get access to Max Go. Choose from more than 400 Hollywood movies, original series and Max After Dark programs and watch them in HD on your laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android phone.

Want all the best movies, series, sports and documentaries?

Add HBO and Cinemax to your Standard cable TV package and never miss any of them again. To see the most recent HBO and Cinemax schedules, click here.

Not sure which channels to choose?

We’ll help you pick a TV package that’s right for you. Whether your spouse loves original movies or you enjoy classic thrillers, we can walk you through all of the channels you have to choose from. You can add multiple premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and more. Just give us a call!