Columbia, IL

Harrisonville Telephone Company proudly serves Columbia and surrounding areas with the most comprehensive voice, High Speed Internet and TV products and service offerings for both home and business needs.  Originally founded in 1859 in the northern region of Monroe County, Columbia has always had Harrisonville Telephone Company as a trusted telephone service provider.  Today HTC is proud to provide a comprehensive set of communication services to the city of Columbia, including High-Speed Internet solutions.  Formally laid out as a community in 1820, Columbia became an appealing stopping point for pioneers and immigrants due to its location on the bustling Kaskaskia Trail.  Columbia was originally settled by the English pioneers and French tradesmen, but it was the tenacious and hard-working German immigrants that grew the town into what it is today: a prospering bedroom community of St. Louis, Missouri.

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Columbia is a growing community that consists of approximately 10,000 people of mostly German descent.  With a commercially vital and architecturally lovely Main Street, Columbia’s central street is surrounded by warm and friendly neighborhoods.  A wide array of shops, varying types of restaurants and a multitude of businesses make Columbia a wonderful place to stop or stay.  Good schools and easy access to St. Louis continue to be an attractive draw for new residents.

Beginning in 1896, HTC has been there for Columbia to meet its growing communications needs.  Today HTC provides Columbia with its entire, impressive array of communication services, including being a primary Columbia High-SpeedInternet service provideror Columbia ISP.  HTC provides Columbia with the region’s largest and fastest high-speed Internet network with speeds up to 1 Gbps, the latest in television technology delivering the most consistent and clear service to your home and the most reliable voice and telephone service in the area.  Whether residential or business, our Columbia customers, like all HTC customers, can be assured they will receive the fastest response with local support from local employees. Whatever your communication needs, HTC is there and will continue to be there to serve residents and businesses of the city of Columbia.