Randolph County, IL

Randolph County is one of the most historic counties in Illinois. The town of Kaskaskia, located in Randolph County, was home to the first state capitol in Illinois. Fort de Chartres, also in Randolph County, was originally built in 1720 and served as the French seat of government and its chief military installation from 1753 until 1765. The Mississippi River, the usual border between Illinois and Missouri, is entirely in Illinois for a stretch in Randolph County where a small plot of ground actually lies to the west of the river. The Kaskaskia River, a tributary to the Mississippi, also flows through Randolph County where the waterway serves as a transportation thorough fair and recreation hot spot. And finally, there is Popeye, the venerable cartoon favorite, who calls Chester, located in Randolph County, home.

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Harrisonville Telephone Company is proud to provide Randolph County, Illinois with exceptional service. Beginning as a reliable telephone service supplier, HTC is the largest local communications providers in the area and one of the top telecom providers in the country and remains committed to continuing to offer the most advanced Internet, TV and voice products and services to customers.

Today approximately 33,000 people call Randolph County home. Filled with inviting and warm neighborhoods along with bustling and active commercial centers, each town in Randolph County is as unique as the next. Communities served by HTC in Randolph County include Prairie du Rocher, Red Bud and Ruma as well as other smaller towns.

HTC began as a provider of telephone services in 1896. Now, over 125 years later we are proud to have expanded our services to become the leading Randolph County high-speed Internet provider.  In addition to providing comprehensive telecom services for part of Randolph County, HTC is also one of the premier high-speed Internet providers in Randolph County.  HTC provides the region’s largest and fastest high-speed Internet network with speeds up to 1 Gbps, the latest in television technology delivering the most consistent and clear service to your home, and the most reliable voice and telephone service in the area. Whether residential or business, our Randolph County customers, like all HTC customers, can be assured they will receive the fastest response from local employees. Whatever your communication needs, HTC is there and will continue to be there.