Web Hosting Services

  • 5-100 email addresses
  • 10 MB to 1.5 GB web space
  • WordPress hosting & support
Web Hosting Services

Which package is right for you?

Your website may require a little or a lot of web space, depending on the purpose of your site.

Many websites do not require a large amount of space. Sites that are intended to deliver text information to visitors generally do not require more than the Basic hosting package.

However, if you plan to host photos, video, and audio files on your site, you may need a hosting package with more space.

We can help you determine the package you need. If your requirements change, we can update your package any time.

Give us a call at (618) 939-6112 anytime you have questions.



10 MB Web space
5 e-mail addresses
CGI-BIN scripting



500 MB Web space
25 e-mail addresses
CGI-BIN scripting



1 GB Web space
50 e-mail addresses
CGI-BIN scripting



1.5 GB Web space
100 e-mail addresses
CGI-BIN scripting

Customer Service

HTCs’ broad range of products allows us to proudly serve our customers with the most advanced services and options. We help clients stay in touch with the world around them with the best packages and prices. Our business packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

So, whether you are in retail, manufacturing, agriculture, a service provider, restaurant or any number of other business ventures, HTC has solutions that keep you or your customers connected to the information, entertainment and resources you need. Contact us today and let us help you.