St. Clair County, IL

The County of St. Clair is a county of great historical significance and current importance to the state of Illinois.  The eighth most populous county in the state of Illinois, the formation of St. Clair County actually predates the state of Illinois. The county was formed by proclamation of the then-governor of the Northwest Territory, Arthur St. Clair, in 1790. In 1809 the Illinois Territory was formed and St. Clair became one of the two original counties in the state.  St. Clair County also contains the historic French settlement, Cahokia Village, founded in 1697 and the Cahokia Mounds National Historic Landmark, one of the largest and most intricate archeological sites in North America.

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Today St. Clair County continues to be of regional and national importance. Scott Air Force Base, which is home to U.S. Transportation Command, the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, is located in St. Clair County.  Regional hospitals, community colleges, growing communities and numerous industries and businesses are dIspersed throughout St. Clair County, including Belleville, the county seat. Although a large county of 266,000 citizens, St. Clair County is friendly and comfortable with something to offer for everyone.  Communities within St. Clair County served by HTC include Dupo, Millstadt and West View.

HTC began as a provider of telephone services in 1896. Now, over 125 years later we are proud to have built on and expanded our voice services to become the leading St. Clair County high-speed Internet provider in Dupo and Millstadt.  In addition to providing comprehensive telecom services within these communities in St. Clair County, HTC is also one of the premier high-speed Internet companies in parts of St. Clair County.  HTC provides the region’s largest and fastest high-speed Internet network with speeds up to 1 Gbps, the latest in television technology delivering the most consistent and clear service to your home, and the most reliable voice and telephone service in the area. Whether residential or business, our St. Clair County customers, like all HTC customers, can be assured they will receive the fastest response with local employees. Whatever your communication needs, HTC is there and will continue to provide the best possible services at the best price.