Valmeyer, IL

To visit Valmeyer today, one would have no idea of its past tumultuous relationship with the Mississippi River.  Carefully plotted out streets and brand new infrastructure, coupled with neighborhood after neighborhood of lovely new homes, the current Valmeyer is actually what locals call “New” Valmeyer.  Today’s Valmeyer is two miles east of the original Valmeyer, which was disseminated by the Great Flood of 1993. Currently home to approximately 1,250 people, Valmeyer is a model community of new buildings and amenities along with friendly and welcoming neighborhoods. Named after a German immigrant by the last name of Meyer, Valmeyer literally means “the valley of the Meyers” and many descendants are in the area today.

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Valmeyer’s history has been marred by intermittent flooding of the Mississippi River and the town was flooded in 1910, 1943, and 1944. Finally in the 1940s and 1950s, the Army Corps of Engineers built a levee to protect Valmeyer and the surrounding area. This levee system successfully protected Valmeyer from flooding for almost 50 years. However, in 1993 the levee failed and Valmeyer was destroyed, although a result of this can be directly correlated to saving the city of St. Louis from massive destruction as flood waters filled the low lying plains of Monroe County. The residents of Valmeyer regrouped and moved to higher ground.

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