Interested in faster internet?

We are continually upgrading our network. If you are interested in upgrading your Internet speeds, we would like to hear from you!

We can offer the following upgrade packages to subscribers in Fiber Internet areas:

Fiber 250

Up to 250 Mbps download x 250 Mbps upload

for 24 months

Fiber 500

Up to 500 Mbps download x 500 Mbps upload

for 24 months

Fiber 1000

Up to 1000 Mbps download x 1000 Mbps upload

for 24 months

Fiber 2000

Up to 2000 Mbps download x 2000 Mbps upload

for 24 months

Fiber 5000

Up to 5000 Mbps download x 5000 Mbps upload

for 24 months

Contact Us

Please let us know your contact information. We will review your address for possible speed upgrades and reach out to you soon.

  • Please indicate your interest in the following speeds. Select the fastest package you would subscribe to if it was available in your area.**

*Package speeds listed are only for residential customers. Call 618.939.6112 for business offers. Maximum speeds may vary by location.

**Selecting a package does not change your current speed, or obligate you to upgrade. However, indicating your interest in upgrading helps us to determine the interest in higher speed fiber packages in your area. This helps us plan our network upgrades to serve you best.