Red Bud, IL

Preston Brickey, a European settler, built the first building in Red Bud, a log cabin near the intersection of Power and Main Streets, in 1820. Founded in 1867 and chartered as a city in 1875, the city of Red Bud derives its name from the redbud tree, a beautiful species of flora that grows in the local Red Bud area. When additions were laid out for a town in 1847, the first settlements that were sold were located on a lot that was partly covered by redbud trees, thus giving the settlers the idea for the name of the city.  The beautiful clock tower at Red Bud City Hall was built in 1894 and is considered by many to be the heart of the city.

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Located in the northwest corner of Randolph County near Monroe County, Red Bud is 36 miles from St. Louis and only 14 miles south of Waterloo. There are numerous companies and industries that support the area, however it still can be considered a outlying bedroom community to larger cities. Much is the same and much is different in Red Bud, a quaint and bustling city of approximately 3,600.  Good schools, town festivals, warm neighborhoods, vibrant businesses, delicious restaurants and many churches are the core of the city.

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