Spam Control

Email Spam Control

Spam is unwanted advertising or junk email that can clutter up your inbox.

SurgeWeb incorporates new features to help manage or eliminate this annoyance. SurgeWeb will filter out many spam messages before they arrive in your Inbox. It will quarantine some suspicious messages for you to review before they clutter your email. The Spam Control features work without requiring your input, but you can also customize these features to make them work best for you.

Email Security

HTC is proud to provide customers with safe, secure and easy to use email service through our residential and business Internet packages. With your secure username and password, HTC webmail access provides customers with the ability to login, view, compose and send emails from any computer with Internet access. With HTC’s spam filter, you are in control of personal security settings that will help quarantine emails from suspicious senders including emails which may contain phishing attacks. Think you received a suspicious email?

Here are a few things you should consider before responding:

  • HTC will never ask for your account info via email.
  • Never give anyone your password.
  • Change your password if you suspect that your account has been compromised.
  • DON’T RESPOND. Call the company in question and verify anytime you suspect that an email is fraudulent.

If you receive an email that says that you will lose your email account unless you respond with your credentials, please do not respond. HTC will never contact you in this manner. You should be immediately suspicious of any emails that state that your services will be terminated. HTC will always contact you via phone or traditional mail about any potentially service-affecting matters.