Dupo, IL

The village of Dupo is an interesting mix of an array of cultures:  Native American, French, German, and modern American heritages all come together to make Dupo what it is today. Located in St. Clair County, the area was originally inhabited by Paleo Archaic Native Americans. The first European settlers were French farmers who arrived in about 1750 and they originally named their settlement Prairie du Pont.  The railroad played an important role in the development of Dupo when the Missouri Pacific Rail Road line moved its operations there, thus spurning a season of growth. When the railroad wanted to use a shortened name for Prairie du Pont it was shortened to Dupo and the name remains today. The Village of Dupo was incorporated in 1907.

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Today Dupo definitely has a small-town feel within the large county of St. Clair. With approximately 4,000 residents, Dupo is called home to people who love their town and its small-town atmosphere and are striving to maintain it while also attaining growth.  As in the past, today Dupo’s life revolves around its tight-knit neighborhoods and community activities. The school district, comprised of three schools, provides the hub around which many of these activities thrive.

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