GigaSpire Blast


Unmatched Managed

WiFi Performance

A premium home system featuring broader WiFi coverage, intelligent adaptability, a stronger signal in every room.

Take Control of Your Home Network.

HTC Managed WiFi is the Ultimate WiFi Experience.

It's a Blast!

The HTC GigaSpire BLAST is a powerful, dynamic tool that delivers a strong WiFi signal to every corner of your home or business keeping everyone connected with NO slowdowns, NO lagging and NO disruptions.

The HTC GigaSpire Blast delivers the Ultimate WiFi experience, including:

Unmatched performance

Cutting edge WiFi 6 technology that provides an unparalleled online experience—with improved coverage, increased throughput, and more simultaneous data streams.

Enhanced security

Physical unclonable function technology, the latest WPA3 security standard. Plus, automatic software updates delivered remotely ensure your system is always running on the latest software and providing improved security.

Unlimited flexibility

Enhanced parental controls available with the FREE HTC Advanced WiFi App and home network security protections.

Featuring the
Free HTC Advanced Wifi App.

Take control of your home network.

The new HTC GigaSpire Blast with FREE HTC Advanced WiFi App is a premium home system featuring broader WiFi coverage, a stronger signal in every room and always on operation. The HTC Advanced WiFi App gives a complete snapshot of your home’s network. Through the app you can set up parental controls, view all connected devices and change your password. Get optimal performance for only $12.95/month*. Your entertainment, your devices, your savings — all Powered by HTC.

Give your subscribers easy access to a snapshot view of their entire home network enabling them to: ​

  • View the number of connected devices​
  • See the latest speed test results​
  • Interact with the main menu for network control
  • Quickly see any important notifications​

When your subscribers have the ability to monitor and control their home network they become more engaged with their experience and begin to look to you for more value added experiences. This also reduces support calls and unnecessary truck rolls by putting control at your subscribers' fingertips.

*Offer includes the GigaSpire router at $7.95/month, plus setup and installation at $29.95. Setup includes installing the GigaSpire router and connecting one device. Additional WiFi setup at the location will be billed on time and materials. Offer may not be combined with any other offer, is non-transferable and is void where prohibited. Offer, plans, terms and conditions may vary depending on the area. Other charges, conditions and restrictions may apply.

CommandIQ App

Get Your Free

HTC Advanced WiFi App

  • Unmatched Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Unlimited Flexibility

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Control your network with the HTC Advanced Wifi App

The app lets you take control: ​

  • Enable parental controls​
  • Set up a guest network​
  • View details on connected devices​
  • Network Usage and Network Map
  • Run a speed test
  • Enable and Disable applications
  • Network Security
  • Reset the SSID and Password for WiFi

Subscribers with GigaSpire BLAST systems will also be able to: ​

  • See usage on the network​
  • Run Bandwidth Tests within and outside their home network​