About Us

Harrisonville Telephone Company began as a provider of telephone services in 1896 and continues to be not only a provider of the most reliable voice services, but also the best hometown TV and Internet provider in the area.  In addition to providing comprehensive communication services, HTC is also the best high speed Internet provider in our service area.  HTC serves residential and business customers alike, all with local, friendly customer service.

Six Core Commitments

HTC’s adherence to the following six core commitments drives our position as a trusted communications provider in southwestern Illinois.

  1. Quality – HTC promises a superior commitment to service quality by offering customers maximum performance telecom services.
  2. Community – HTC is locally owned and operated. Our representatives provide excellent local customer service support.
  3. Innovation – To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, HTC continually evaluates existing product offerings and works to provide new products and services.
  4. Technology Leader – Committed to delivering advanced telecom services, HTC delivers the latest in high-speed Internet, television, telephone.
  5. Affordability – At HTC, we make the latest technological advances in communications affordable and available to our customers. We tailor services to the needs of our residential customers  as well as any business customer’s budget.
  6. Expertise – Expect 24/7, locally-based customer service support from HTC. Our extensive staff of in-house, telecom experts assist with all telephone and data network support to ensure maximum up time.

Technology Revolution

The most advanced technology available in this area is waiting for you at HTC. Innovative products and services, faster speeds and state of the art features keep HTC evolving with and ahead of the technology curve. Yet, our commitment to customers remains unchanged. Our latest technology includes:

IPTV (Ultimate Entertainment)

HTC’s Internet Protocol (IP) television service (IPTV) is the latest in digital entertainment, providing television through your broadband DSL or Fiber connection.

We refer to our IPTV service as Ultimate Entertainment. You’ll probably refer to it as ‘Wow!’ It delivers an expansive channel line-up, digital clarity, loads of on-demand movie choices, music channels, and the latest entertainment options.

Fiber Internet

HTC’s Fiber network delivers a direct, fiber-optic connection to a consumer’s home. Fiber replaces the standard copper-wire telephone connections with the most advanced, fiber-optic technology that ensures clarity and reliability, while expanding your abilities and speed.

HTC Neighborhood Connections

As a locally operated company, HTC has a long history of involvement in the communities it serves.

Therefore, we continually contribute to the civic groups and organizations that make our community a better place to live, work, and play. HTC strives to enhance and build our neighborhoods. It’s our way of saying “Thank You.”