If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to have a good time with the kids, there’s no better time than now. Did you know that August is Family Fun month? So, in honor of helping you keep your kids busy (at least until they head back to school) we’ve compiled a list of things you can do together to enjoy some quality “family time” this month. We’ve got plenty more ideas, but these are the ones that resonated with our team!

  1. Backyard Campout. Enjoy some outdoor quality time with mother nature without having to bring along half your house or use a gross bathroom! Just pitch a tent and build a campfire and tell the kids to leave their electronic devices inside for the afternoon. Once night falls, it’s a great time to use your HTC WiFi to research stars and constellations!
  2. Write a Play. Have your kids get in touch with their creative side and write a short play! Assign parts to everyone in the family and have them read or memorize their lines. Kids love to watch videos, so have them record it and upload it to YouTube! Now they are the stars and can share your family’s creativity with their friends or you can all watch it together on your Smart TV!
  3. A Friendly Game of Kickball or Wiffle Ball. Gather family, friends and neighbors for what is sure to be a competitive and fun event. There’s nothing better than teaching your kids the importance of teamwork and it is a great opportunity to show the ones you love that you have each other’s backs! Plus, all that exercise on a warm summer day may even lead to kids heading to bed a little early that night – an added bonus!
  4. Volunteer. Donating your time to a great cause is a good way to teach your kids compassion. There are plenty of opportunities right here in our own communities including: Helping Strays, Human Support Services, Nice Twice Resale, libraries, senior centers, various church food pantries and more. You can use your HTC Internet service to find many more opportunities.
  5. Play Heads Up on your Smartphone. You’re probably tired of your kids’ noses being in their phones, but it is possible to have fun as a family using your phone. ‘Heads Up’ is a hilarious game you can download, and one person holds the phone to their forehead with the screen facing out. The screen displays a word and someone else gives you hints to try to make you guess the word. It will have your whole family laughing.
  6. Dinner and a Movie. Cooking together may sound fun, but no one has to do dishes when you eat out! Give your kids the challenge of finding three or four local restaurants that they like, research the menus and make a unanimous recommendation to you (that may be the hard part) on where to go to dinner! Use your HTC Internet to research local dining establishments, then pile in the car and head out. Don’t forget to order dessert!
  7. Have a cozy movie marathon. Pop some popcorn and check out Video on Demand to find movies the whole family will love.

We hope you enjoy these fun family tips but most of all, enjoy your family time together!