In this time of great uncertainty, there is at least one thing that has remained constant: our planet Earth. And every year since April 22, 1970, millions of Americans have shown concern for our environment by celebrating Earth Day. Whether hosting recycling events, cleaning up parks or planting trees, each participant has played a big part in making our planet a better place.

In its 50th year, the theme for Earth Day is Climate Action. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the life-support systems that make our world habitable, and we should all do our part to fight it. HTC cares about the Earth and would love to discuss how the latest advancements in Internet technology can simplify our lives while also being great for our planet.


How Using the Internet Can Help Control Climate Change

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make an impact on the environment. From integrating smart technology to reducing paper use, it’s easy to make Earth-friendly changes.

At Home

Smart devices, coupled with HTC Internet, can reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint considerably. For example, smart thermostats reduce energy use while lowering your energy bill by adjusting your home’s temperature based on your lifestyle. If you forget to turn the setting up or down when you leave for an extended period, you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone.

And since direct sunlight can increase a room’s temperature, installing smart blinds is another excellent way to save energy.  Blocking out direct sunlight in the summer can give your air conditioner a break, while letting sunlight in during winter months will save on heating costs. They adjust themselves automatically based on outdoor conditions, and you can change the settings from your smartphone at any time.

At Work

Today, there’s really no reason to use a lot of paper in the office.  Scanners and faxes have saved a lot of trees by allowing employees to send and receive digital correspondence, and with HTC business Internet, it’s easy to manage and access digital files by storing them in the Cloud.

Using the latest Internet technology is also proving to reduce carbon emissions substantially. With many people having to work from home recently, video conferencing, IP Voice, and fast upload and download speeds, employees are able to continue to get their work done.


HTC Internet is Better for the Local Environment

Using a local company is always best for the environment since it puts money back into local green spaces and parks, but using HTC Internet service is also great for the Earth because we can manage your connection from our office. We’re always just around the corner if you need us, but we don’t have to fill up our gas tanks to get to every customer’s home or business. So remember, as you set out to plan ways to reduce your carbon footprint this Earth Day, consider using the latest Internet technology in your home and workplace, and call on HTC who has done our part to help the local environment for over a century!