High-Speed Internet

Seasonal storms affect Dan G. a little differently than most Monroe and St. Clair county residents. That’s because if disruptive weather, tree limbs or damaged utility poles knock out phone, Internet, or TV services for HTC customers, it’s his job to get them back up and running – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“I never know what my day will bring,” said Dan. “It’s always something new, different and challenging. I like staying busy and my job certainly keeps me busy.”

Dan started in HTC’s construction install department in 2006 and was immediately drawn to the excitement of the job. An ice storm damaged various powerlines in the area and it was up to him and his team to repair them so businesses and homeowners regained service as quickly as possible. He loved the planning, urgency and opportunity to help customers. He knew then that this was the job for him and has now been with HTC for over a decade.

When he’s not fixing lines and replacing routers and modems after storm damage, Dan is installing and troubleshooting phone systems for Waterloo, Valmeyer and Renault number exchanges. His customers are always pleased with his service and have even shared their satisfaction with his bosses and others at HTC.

“Dan did a great job resolving a phone issue we were having,” said Dwight A. from Valmeyer. “It is very apparent he likes what he does and really knows what he is doing!”

While it’s true that Dan loves fixing problems for HTC customers, what he enjoys most is the day-to-day interaction he has with those who live in his community.

“I like arriving at a job site, meeting new people and getting to work with local people,” said Dan. “It’s honestly my favorite thing about my job.“

HTC is fortunate to have so many great team members who place an emphasis on providing world class technology and service throughout the communities we serve. All on the area’s largest and fastest network.