2018 HTC Directory

Whether you’re hoping to get in touch with an old friend or simply want to order takeout from a restaurant in town, you’ll find just what you need in the new HTC 2018 phone directory. With hundreds of business and residential listings, it’s easy to find contact information for anyone you’re looking for. If you’re an HTC phone service customer, look for your directory within the next few weeks!

Find The Numbers and Listings You Need

As life keeps getting busier, it’s not always possible to reach friends and neighbors when you want. That’s why we’ve listed landline numbers for our HTC residential customers – allowing you to connect with classmates, extended family, or anyone else you’d like to contact.

 Find Local Businesses You Trust

As a hometown company, we’re proud to have access to so many dependable businesses that make us love where we live and work. On the cover of the new directory, you’ll find HTC’s spotlight business customers who trust us with their business services, and inside the directory you’ll find listings for restaurants, doctors, gift shops, and any other businesses you may need.

Find HTC Employees Working for You

On the back of the new directory, you’ll see our dedicated technicians working to deliver cutting edge fiber technology. We want you to know that every employee at HTC is constantly working to provide the best phone, Internet, and television service to you for the best value. That dedication and personal service is something you’ll only find at a local company like ours.

Having Trouble Getting a New Directory? Just Ask!

If you haven’t received your new HTC phone directory within the next few weeks, just give us a call at 939-6112. We would be happy to help make sure you get one for your home, office or an extra one for convenience.