Waterloo, IL

With the weather rapidly changing to fall and winter just around the corner, we’ll all be waiting for that first snowfall soon! Adults will be worried about shoveling snow off their driveways and the kids will be hoping for a day off school. Regardless of the current weather, though, did you know that HTC is helping our local weather forecasters and also showing off beautiful downtown Waterloo on the web?

If you watch FOX 2 or KPLR 11 news casts, you know that the weather team likes to show live views of conditions from web cams placed throughout the bi-state area. The cameras also provide images of area landmarks and attractions. Recently, the FOX 2 network placed a web camera on top of our HTC building, where viewers can see the Waterloo water tower and a beautiful view of the streets in our community. If you have high-speed Internet from HTC, just go to Fox 2’s website to tune in to HTC’s web cam, or download the Fox 2 App to view it from your phone.

Here at HTC, we’re always happy to shine a light on our wonderful hometown because we’re proud of where we live and love where we work! We’re happy to offer affordable, dependable telephone, Internet and TV service to residents we call friends, and we’ll be here doing the same thing for many years to come!