High-Speed Internet Customer Testimonial

When customers rave about our employees, it never goes unnoticed. That’s why we’re happy to share this wonderful “Thank You” note we received from a Waterloo resident after a service call by Dan K., one of our expert Outside Plant Personnel:

“I am so very pleased with your Customer Service. I called on a Saturday and the on-call supervisor sent Dan out to our home to help fix a minor issue. Dan was superb. In today’s world with negativity all around us, I wanted to share the positive experience we had with your company.”

-Ed E., Waterloo; HTC Internet, Phone, and TV Customer


Dan prides himself on figuring out how to fix problems for local residents and businesses. After starting as an intern with HTC, he eventually got hired on to do Internet service calls and now installs and troubleshoots Phone systems, IPTV, and VOIP. Some jobs involve simply strengthening a TV signal, replacing a power strip after a storm, or providing a new remote, while others involve getting customers more up-to-date. At a recent service call he noticed equipment that needed to be updated, and Dan made sure the customer received what he needed and that he knew how to make the most of his upgrade.

“I can remember when our highest speed of internet was 70 Mbps and now it is 1 gig,” said Dan. “Technology has changed and continues to change, and the number of services and offerings our customers have available has grown to match our customer needs.”

Dan’s favorite part of working for HTC is that he often sees familiar faces around the community where he grew up, and that it’s his job to help keep them happy.

“I like resolving any issues they have with their service,” said Dan. “My proudest days are when customers let us know they appreciate our work.”