4th of July Fireworks Flag

Although we love the amazing displays that light up the night skies this time of year in our communities, HTC is thankful for a lot more than fireworks. We are grateful for the many brave soldiers who fought for our freedom, because without them we wouldn’t be here doing what we love, and loving where we live.

When the company started in 1896, a commitment was made to deliver the highest-quality service and to build our communities where we live and work. It was one of the best ways we could think of to say thank you to our customers, and also to thank those brave patriots who are responsible for us having the freedom to choose the industry we wanted to work in. Since our first day in business, we have strived to continuously deliver the most reliable phone, TV and Internet services for residents and businesses all across the area.

Also, we have built wonderful relationships within our communities by supporting local schools, helping to build recreational facilities, sponsoring youth activities and more. We continue to be committed to helping make our community a better place to live, work, and play!

This Fourth of July, we hope you will reflect on how lucky you are to be living in such a wonderful place and to be surrounded by amazing people. For without the brave ones who made it possible for us to celebrate Independence Day, none of us would be so lucky.

From all of us at HTC, we wish you and your loved ones a safe, happy Fourth of July.