High-Speed Internet Customer Testimonial

Each morning, Kaelan M. looks forward to receiving his list of service calls. As an installation and repair technician at HTC, he loves knowing that he will be bringing dependable Internet service to a household who needs it or troubleshooting a problem to keep a business running smoothly. But mostly, he loves knowing he’ll see a familiar face that day.

“I grew up in Waterloo, attended Gibault High School and still live in town,” said Kaelan. “In a community like ours, there’s a good chance I’ll be helping a neighbor, a friend, or a family member. It makes every day on the job interesting.”

After working across the river at another communications company for five years, Kaelan was hired at HTC two years ago. He sees the differences in the way a hometown company treats their customers, and he’s happy to be a part of it.

“Over there, a home or business would have to wait for hours to have an install done or to get back up and running,” said Kaelan. “With so many calls to attend to that were spread throughout the city, it was impossible to address customers’ needs promptly. They were really just numbers. At HTC, we are able to get to customers quickly and give them our personal attention.”

Having been in the industry for seven years now, Kaelan has seen how Internet, telephone, and television services have evolved and is confident that HTC is keeping up with the latest advancements in technology. He and his team of fellow technicians meet often to discuss how to improve connections, increase speed and deliver the best service possible. And because he cares so much about his community, Kaelan wants to make sure residents and businesses are happy with their service.

“After I learn something at work, I try it in my own home,” said Kaelan. “I play with it until I get it right, and then I’m confident I can take it into the field. Because our customers aren’t just numbers. We really do care.”

Great Service from People You Know and Trust, For Your Home or Business

At HTC, we’re proud to employ people like Kaelan who care about their community. Whether you need fast Internet service for your home or want to know about our Internet and TV bundles for your business, our employees are always here to help. Great service…great price…powered by HTC.