True Connectivity

Since he started working for HTC 21 years ago, Dave G. has witnessed some substantial changes. Changes in the growth of Monroe County, changes in HTC’s capabilities, and changes in customers’ lifestyles and expectations. As the guy who installs and repairs Internet, TV and phone services for area residents and businesses, Dave can’t say enough about how well HTC have evolved to stay ahead of consumer needs.


“We’ve gone from helping homeowners take two calls at once with call waiting, to figuring out how they can stream two movies at once over the Internet,” says Dave. “Technology has come such a long way, and it’s exciting how we’ve been able to help customers keep up with it.”


One major change that Dave has seen in the past two decades is the number of residents working from home. The convenience of not having to drive 30 miles to work means they need Internet service that’s fast enough to handle real-time video conferences, quick billing transactions, large file uploads, quick downloads and other business needs. Dave and the HTC team of professional installers are installing more fiber technology to provide the best possible solutions for customers.


“Because of the need for speed among so many residents, we’re now installing fiber in many new construction neighborhoods around Monroe County,” says Dave. “It’s pretty much a given that households with parents who work from home and kids with multiple devices will need the fastest internet service right from the start.” Whether that idea solution is fiber, 50, 80 100 or even 200 Mbps service, HTC has the right plan at the right price.


Brick and mortar businesses in southern Illinois are also able to take advantage of HTC’s high-tech capabilities while still enjoying the personal feeling of a hometown communications company. With HTC installation and repair team always just around the corner, businesses from restaurants in historic buildings to brand new boutiques are able to get fast, friendly service. It’s that personal and dependable service that Dave says has kept many businesses coming back to HTC.


“We’ve heard numerous stories from Internet, TV and phone customers,” says Dave. “They’ll switch to an out of town company who offers big promises but when it comes to getting problems fixed – actually being able to get someone to come out and help them – they’re disappointed. Thus, these customers come back to us.”


Even after 21 years, Dave never gets tired of seeing a customer’s delight when they experience and appreciate hometown personal service. Last winter during an ice storm, a Waterloo florist was moving to a building down the street, and while many drivers stayed off the roads due to weather, HTC technicians showed up and switched over their phone and internet services. The customer was thrilled that her business was able to be up and running – with no loss in productivity.


“It’s great to be a part of a company that cares about our local communities,” says Dave. “In the time that I’ve been here, we’ve done everything possible to help customers adapt to changing technology, and I think it’s just the beginning. We’re expanding fiber networks farther than ever and increasing our speeds to faster than ever, all while keeping close, personal relationships. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future brings.”