Harrisonville Telephone Company support local businesses

HTC has always supported small, local businesses because of all the wonderful things they bring to our community. But this year, especially during the Covid pandemic, we’d like to emphasize how important it is to celebrate Small Business Week May 2-8 by shopping and dining local.


Support local businesses during small business week


Throughout the past year, many Monroe and Randolph county restaurants and shops were forced to close for months. Some were lucky enough to have faithful customers who ordered takeout or continued to purchase goods online. Others had to close their doors permanently. The establishments fortunate enough to have made it this far are struggling to make up for lost revenue, and the only way they’ll make it is if all of us – friends, neighbors, and fellow local businesses — show them our support.


Consider What Small Businesses Do for Us

Besides the fact that they fill our small towns with quaint shops, cafes and pubs, there are many benefits to helping local businesses thrive.

  • They employ the residents we know and love.
  • They put money back into the community. On average, nearly half of each purchase goes towards improving local parks and schools.
  • They care about their customers. A local boutique owner is likely to stock your favorite brand of flip flops each year just because she knows you love them! You won’t get that kind of special attention elsewhere. All small shops and restaurants have personal relationships with their customers because they truly appreciate the support.


Help Our Local Establishments Recover from Covid-19

Here we are a year after this pandemic began, and things are starting to look a little more normal. Please help us keep our economy moving in the right direction by supporting small businesses around you. During Small Business Week May 2-8, dine out with your family, purchase a gift at a local shop, and grab a drink with a friend at the corner pub. Your small contribution may not seem like much to you, but it will make a world of difference to local business owners.


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