Watching TV

Looking for boredom busters to keep your students happy when school’s out? Count on HTC high-speed Internet and TV! Whether you have a preschooler, a middle schooler or a high schooler, you’re sure to find amazing ways to please everyone in the comfort of your air-conditioned home.


Download eBooks

Young readers will be thrilled to find stories about their favorite characters on Kindle or iPad when summer begins. Simply use your dependable WiFi connection to search a huge collection of eBooks on Amazon or and download them to your preferred tablet! A huge bonus is that many eBooks are totally free!


Print Educational Activity Packets

Learning doesn’t have to stop when kids leave the classroom. Just head to for printable worksheets for preschoolers through fifth graders including math activities, word searches, science projects and more. You’ll also find great printables at


Boost Creativity with Arts and Craft Ideas

Take a look at for fun art activities to keep the kids’ creative juices flowing. Whether they choose to make a finger-painting project or paper bag puppets, you’ll enjoy one less hour of hearing they’re “sooo bored!”


Snuggle on the Couch for a Great Movie

Browse through Netflix, Amazon or Hulu to stream movies kids of all ages will love. Netflix will be showing Disney films throughout 2019, and you can always find the newest family releases with Video on Demand from HTC.


Play Fun Family Games on Your Smart Phones

It’s definitely best to put a limit on summer screen time, but interactive family games are an exception to the rule. Download Heads Up, Family Feud, Trivia Crack, and karaoke apps such as Starmaker and Smule to put a whole new spin on game night. Our WiFi will keep you connected and having fun with your kids… and their friends.


Want to make sure you’ve got the highest Internet speeds to keep all your screens moving flawlessly this summer, give HTC a call. We’ll make sure you have the fastest Internet connection possible before school’s out, so everyone in your house stays happy all summer!