Support Small Business Harrisonville Telephone Company


We at HTC have always encouraged our customers to shop local during the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year, it’s more important than ever. Small business owners in Waterloo, Red Bud, Columbia and other rural communities have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, and now is the time to show them our support as we begin our holiday shopping.

Support Local Businesses All Year Round

Small businesses do a lot for us. It’s time to give back.
Drive down Main Street in any of our small towns, and it’s easy to see that they wouldn’t be the same without quaint boutiques, gift shops, cafes and restaurants. If that’s not enough to choose shopping local rather than going to the mall, consider this:
When you shop small, you invest in the local community. Money spent at small businesses stays in the local economy. It feels really good to know that the gift you buy for someone also goes towards improving area schools and parks!
Shopping small ensures employment for local residents. Locally owned businesses hire many people who live nearby, so every time you ‘shop local’ you’re helping friends and neighbors keep their jobs.
Small businesses provide personal attention. At a local shop, you’re much more likely to get great gift ideas and knowledgeable answers than you would while waiting in line at a crowded store.
Shopping local is better for the environment. Many small businesses are walkable, meaning shoppers don’t have to spend hours on a highway emitting gas fumes into the air. Instead, they can wander around areas like Waterloo’s courthouse square while sipping a delicious latte from a local café!

Thank You for Continuing to Support Our Local Business

We’re passionate about supporting local businesses, because we know how thankful we are for our supporters. Because of customers who have stuck with a local Internet and TV provider, we’ve enjoyed many years of success in our small community. Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Small Business Saturday Shopping from all of us at HTC!


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