Electro Door

This family-owned business offer the fast, friendly, personal service Monroe County residents appreciate. HTC is proud to spotlight them and call them our customer!

ElectroDoor Systems

If you’ve ever tried to back out of the garage and the door wouldn’t open, you know the panic that ensues. Luckily for Monroe County and surrounding area residents, ElectroDoor is right here in Columbia to come to the rescue in such situations. For over 40 years and three generations, the Brucker family has owned and operated the garage door business, servicing commercial and residential customers throughout the bi-state area. Whether adding carriage house doors to a new build, repairing springs in an existing home, or replacing a garage door opener, the professional technicians at ElectroDoor have all the same training and expertise as any company across the bridge. And for those of us who get stuck in our own garages, they even offer 24-hour emergency service!

The Brucker family at ElectroDoor prides themselves on the relationships built with customers throughout the past 40+ years. In order to maintain those relationships, they don’t have time to deal with Internet problems or dropped phone calls. By using HTC services, ElecroDoor is able to address customer concerns quickly, while we take care of the rest.

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