Gateway FS - Red Bud, IL

Long Time Business Gateway FS uses HTC services to help their business succeed!

For over 40 years, FS Construction Services has provided local farms, businesses, and residents with personalized construction and equipment solutions. From building new pole barns to installing new garage doors, and from maintaining grain storage systems to roofing new homes, the Gateway FS staff is always dedicated to meeting every customers’ unique needs. Throughout Randolph and Monroe counties, FS is well known for their skilled craftsmanship and dependability because they understand that a customer’s success relies on how well the FS staff does their job. No matter how big or small the project, each FS builder, project manager and salesperson gives their utmost attention to detail.

Many clients who seek Gateway FS’ services are their neighbors, friends, and business partners, and they truly value those relationships. At HTC, we value our relationship with Gateway FS and are proud to deliver dependable Internet and phone services to help them do their job best.

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We’re always thrilled to help businesses in Monroe and Randolph counties stay connected to customers. Contact us today to find out how our dependable service can help your business run better.

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