Women's Business Day

There is certainly no denying that women in the workforce have come a long way, and today, September 22nd, we celebrate those strides. National American Business Women’s Day is a day to acknowledge key events and contributors that have played a significant role in establishing women in business today, and to make connections that can improve our relationships with females in similar industries.


History of Business Women’s Day

On September 22, 1949, Kansas City businessman Hilary Bufton, Jr. helped to establish The American Business Women’s Association. Bufton believed that all women deserved equal business opportunities, and recognized that women had gained tremendous business knowledge during World War II. He felt it was time to create a new organization for all businesswomen, and in 1983, a joint Congressional resolution made it possible to recognize September 22nd as the first ever Business Women’s Day.


Ideas to Celebrate

HTC is proud of all business owners and women business owners are certainly no exception. In honor of today, here are a few ways to recognize women in business.

Connect with others in your industry. There are likely social media pages for women in your field, so reach out to someone in that group or attend a gathering they’re having. You can also search on LinkedIn for women you know or friends of friends who do what you do. Whether you’re a nurse, a teacher, a graphic designer or an engineer, it’s always nice to bounce ideas off of others with a background similar to yours.

Consider something new. If you’re thinking about breaking into a new field, contact women you know who are established in that area. Ask questions about their career, discuss your concerns, and ask if they know of anyone who’s hiring. Never be afraid to start something new, because we know by now that women can do anything!

Inspire other women. You may be established in your dream career, but it wasn’t always that way. Think back to when you were just getting started and wanted to know how to do your job better. You can help younger women become the best they can be by sharing tips with female interns over coffee, writing a blog about your profession, or letting your employees know they can always come to you for advice.


HTC is Proud to Support Women Owned Businesses

Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair Counties are home to many wonderful boutiques, restaurants, healthcare providers, and other businesses who are owned by women. HTC is proud to support them by buying their products and services, and it’s an honor that many of them trust us to provide them with our Internet, phone, and TV services. We’re always happy to meet new business owners in the area, so please reach out if you need our help!