Mobile Internet Services

Whether you’re starting a new business or aren’t satisfied with your current provider, it’s easy to feel uncertain when it comes to your Internet requirements. With so much to think about — reliability, speed, special features – how can you be sure you’re getting what’s needed in order to achieve a successful business?

The truth is that the right provider and plan can do wonders when it comes to operating your business smoothly. In fact, with a dependable Internet connection from a local company, you shouldn’t even have to think about Internet throughout your business day. You should be able to simply focus on the satisfaction of your customers – the ones who matter most.

Follow these tips for choosing the best plan, and you’ll see that the right Internet company is just around the corner!


Get the Best Amount of Bandwidth for Maximum Speed

Bandwidth is the largest amount of data that can be transmitted at the same time. This determines download and upload speeds for large documents, videos, and graphic files. To determine your bandwidth needs, you’ll need to let your provider know:

  • What type of applications you will use. For instance, cloud applications often require more bandwidth.
  • How many employees you have. The more users on the network, the higher the bandwidth needs.
  • How many devices will be connected at once. Computers, tablets and smartphones all use data, so the more devices being used, the slower each device will operate if you don’t have enough bandwidth in your plan.

HTC offers an array of attractive Internet packages for businesses, beginning at $19.95 per month for 15 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, and extending to our best fiber package of 1000 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload for $219.95 per month.  We are sure to have a package to fit your needs!


Research Special Features that Can Benefit Your Business

When choosing a plan, check to see if your provider offers perks like free email addresses (for instance, HTC provides 15) and free installation and configuration. You’ll also want to research which providers offer affordable privacy protections plans, web hosting features such as domain management, and bundled savings when you combine phone, Internet and/or TV services.

HTC understands the value of these features to your business and offers hosting starting at $7.95 per month, SecureIT Web Security software for $5.99 per month and bundled savings including the Business Super Bundle (Internet and phone) for $79.90 a month.  Check out our website or give us a call for more information!


Consider the Importance of Flexibility

Just as life changes every day, your business will continue to evolve. As it does, you will need to discuss preferences with your Internet company if bandwidth needs change, if you move to a different location, or if you decide to add employees to your staff. HTC truly cares about your business and will be happy to make the changes you need as soon as possible so you can continue to operate without too much down time. Just contact our dedicated sales staff to find out more!


When You Need Dependable Internet for Your Business, HTC is the Best Choice

The best way to explain why we’re the best for your business – is that we care about the communities in which we live and work. We want to see local businesses succeed, so we offer fast, reliable service, affordable prices, and technicians who are just blocks away when you need help.  To discuss which plans may be right for you, give us a call today!