Harrisonville Telephone Company internet browser cache

  If you’ve noticed your browser taking longer to retrieve search results, it could be due to a simple problem you can fix yourself. Too much data may be stored in your browser’s cache, which can slow down your Internet. We’ll explain what your cache does, why you should clear it regularly, and how to… Read More

Home phone Harrisonville Telephone Company high speed internet

  You may have the fanciest, most advanced cell phone, but chances are it’s still not capable of delivering the advantages of a landline. Having a home phone means increased safety, peace of mind, and an easier time staying connected with those in your community. Consider these important reasons to have HTC residential phone service,… Read More

Harrisonville Telephone Company high speed internet passwords and passcodes

  Just like there are many ways that your online data can be stolen, there are also many ways to keep it secure. Last month we discussed security tools and how to improve security in your social media accounts and online purchases.  This month is our follow-up blog about security using passwords and passcodes! Follow… Read More

Harrisonville Telephone Company 2021 Phone Directory

  It’s no secret that we’re all ready to say goodbye to 2020. A new year will hopefully bring brighter days for small businesses and residents in Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair counties, and HTC hopes to provide them with support by delivering a new 2021 HTC Directory to our customers.   A New Year… Read More

Harrisonville Telephone Company More Secure Internet Tips

  Whether you’re concerned about your financial information being stolen, your business’ data being breached, or any of your personal information being hacked, you should know that there are ways to keep your info secure. This month we’ll discuss security tools and how to improve security in your social media accounts and online purchases.  And… Read More

SecureIT Web Security Harrisonville Telephone Company smart homes

  It’s hard to believe the futuristic things we used to see on the Jetsons are actually now a real thing. Smart homes are full of watches, robotic help, video chats…they’ve all been invented, and new innovative offerings are being introduced every year to make our lives easier. But as convenient as all this new… Read More

Check website safe SecureIT Web Security Harrisonville Telephone Company

  The Internet has made it possible to have anything we need at our fingertips. But along with the convenience of being able to order food, interact with friends, and read about what’s happening all around the world, the Internet is also filled with potential risks. To avoid ending up on a site that can… Read More

COVID impact internet Harrisonville Telephone Company

  The novel coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. It’s forcing many of us to work from home, it’s causing many children to attend school remotely, and it has resulted in sports and recreational activities shutting down all together. Now more than ever, we must rely on a dependable Internet connection to… Read More

Block spam calls Harrisonville Telephone Company

  With 90% of consumers having received a fraudulent call at some point, chances are you’ve picked up the phone to hear a robotic voice on the other end (probably right in the middle of a nice family dinner or an important client interaction). There are rules in place that block these spam calls, but… Read More

Harrisonville Telephone Company back to school bandwidth

  In March when students began doing classwork at home and their parents started telecommuting, it was evident just how fast Internet needs to be in order for multiple users to be productive. If frozen screens and slow downloads caused frustration in your household back then, now is a great time to assess your bandwidth… Read More