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You may have chosen your Internet company for a variety of reasons. Maybe they sent you a post card with a deal you couldn’t pass up. Maybe you know someone who used to work there. Maybe it’s the provider that your friends use. But no matter why you trusted them to provide the best Internet service possible for your business or home, it doesn’t make sense to stay with them if you’re not satisfied. It’s easy to switch to HTC Internet!


Make the Switch to HTC Internet Today


Here are 4 signs you should drop your current Internet provider and switch to a local company.

Their Plans Don’t Fit Your Needs

Perhaps you were a smaller business when you chose your provider, and now your office has grown. Adding employees and multiple devices means more people are online at once, using up your bandwidth. The same goes for your household with maybe kids home for the summer or additional devices competing for bandwidth. You should be able to upgrade your Internet package to increase bandwidth and speed up your service. If upgrades are not available, you should definitely find a provider that offers multiple packages to suit your needs.

Their Connection Isn’t Reliable

If you’re in the middle of an important video conference and your screen keeps freezing, it can set your workday back for hours. The same goes for slow downloads and streaming of videos. Instead of dealing with delays, look into an Internet company that offers dependable service, which allows data to travel much faster between offices and personal devices.

Their Customer Service Team is Awful or Non-Existent

When you want to upgrade your plan or have connection issues, you should be able to speak to a real live person who wants to help. If you call for customer support and a robot answers with a bunch of digital options, or you’re put on hold for hours, it’s time to switch. A local Internet company will be able to offer you friendly, personal service and send out an expert technician to fix your problem right away.

You Question Their Honesty

No one likes to see a bill with mysterious extra charges or a random price increase. If you’re noticing higher prices that you weren’t told about, or customer service tells you they’ve added a “special service” you never requested, run the other way. A trustworthy Internet company will be transparent about their prices. And a local provider will care so much about keeping your business, they’ll do everything they can to settle the issue.


Think It’s Time for a Switch?

If you don’t already use HTC, you owe it to yourself to give us a try. We’re a local, small business and love supporting our communities throughout Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair Counties. Give us a call and we’ll help you choose a package that’s perfect for you.



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