High Speed Internet

Since the introduction of the Smart TV nearly a decade ago, smart home capabilities have grown tremendously. Today’s homeowners can control just about anything from thermostats to lighting from their phones, adding more convenience, entertainment, and security to their lives than ever before. Whether you’re looking to add more smart devices to your home or you need a faster Internet connection so the ones you have can work better, HTC can help.


What Smart Home Technology Can Do

Using a wireless connection from your phone or another device such as Amazon Alexa, you can control all of these.

Smart thermostats learn your daily routine and can tell whether you’re home or away. You can adjust the thermostat if you’ll be gone longer than expected or turn up the heat so the house is warm before you get home. By not warming or cooling the house when no one is there, you can save up to 20% per year on energy bills.

Smart lighting allows you to turn your home’s indoor and outdoor lighting on or off, meaning you’ll never have to arrive home from a business trip to a dark house.

Smart security systems connect your phone to a camera that’s watching your door, and alerts you if a window or door sensor detects movement.

Smart appliances allow you to preheat your oven before you’re home from work, or to see what’s in your refrigerator without having to open it. You can also say what you’re out of, and it will be ordered for delivery.


Smart Homes Need Secure, Dependable Internet Service

With smart technology, homeowners must rely more than ever on fast Internet and a strong WiFi connection since poor coverage can affect the way each smart device works. And since smart devices and appliances leave personal data vulnerable to Internet hackers, a secure WiFi connection is critical. Just think — the smartest burglars can remotely access your daily schedule via a smartphone app that tells them when you won’t be home – which is pretty scary. Every home with an Internet connection should have a firewall and a strong password to protect privacy.

Our team of communications experts is always available to discuss your Internet needs, whether you need help connecting your new smart appliance or you just want to keep current devices running smoothly. Because your family’s safety and privacy is so important to us, we offer security software to make sure your network remains secure. So be smart about your smart home, and call HTC!