Harrisonville Telephone Company landline phone

Many customers wonder if they should keep their hardwired home phone service even though they have a cell phone. The answer? Absolutely! Landline service offers multiple advantages above and beyond what cell phones can offer.


Why You Still Need a Landline Phone


Reliable 911 Communication

Most notably, a home phone will not fail when you need it most. In an emergency situation, it’s crucial for first responders to be able to find your exact location. Landline phone calls tell 911 dispatchers your address even when you can’t talk, while cell phone calls can take a few minutes to locate. You also don’t have to worry about a hardwired home phone dying or losing its signal in the middle of an emergency.


Does Not Need a Battery

“Did someone take my charger?” It’s a question we’ve all gotten used to as cell phones have made their way into our homes. When you can’t charge your phone and the battery dies, connection to the outside world is lost. Hardwired home phones, on the other hand, will always work.


Works During Electrical Power Outage

We won’t soon forget the days-long power outage in some areas of our county during the summer of ’23. If our portable chargers weren’t charged, many of us were charging cell phones in our cars. Since the Midwest is known for strong storms, we’ll always be at a risk of losing electricity. Hardwired landline phones will work even if the lights don’t.


A Convenient Directory Listing for Friends to Find You

When you’re in the HTC phone book, your contacts can easily find your mailing address and look up your phone number. And as an HTC home phone customer, you will receive a directory with access to listings of friends’ phone numbers as well as contact information for local businesses.


Saves Money When You Bundle Your HTC Services

Combining your Internet and landline phone services is a win-win. You get all of the above benefits of having a home phone, plus the same friendly, reliable local service you get from your Internet provider. Any time you have a problem with home or Internet services, you will deal with the same customer service team. Plus, you’ll get one low bill to keep track of both services. Our bundled price for both Internet + Phone starts at just $75.74 per month!


Thinking About Adding Landline Phone Service to Your Current HTC Plan? Give Us a Call!

We’d love to discuss the benefits of a landline phone with you. Contact our customer service team today and we’ll get you set up.



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