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Internet Day… Yes, that really is a ‘thing’. It’s hard to remember the world without Internet. A time without being able to pay bills online, or videoconference at work, or research what our medical symptoms could mean, or Google where to go for lunch. But without the work of a few young tech wizards nearly 50 years ago, none of these conveniences would be possible.


October 29th is Internet Day

On October 29th, 1969 – just months after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon – a UCLA computer science professor named Leonard Kleinrock picked up his phone and called the computer lab at Stanford to let Charley Kline know that he was about to transmit a message. The men had been working on a network funded by the Department of Defense which would connect four separate terminals at UCLA, Stanford, the University of California-Santa Barbara and the University of Utah, allowing the schools to send data back and forth. When Kleinrock attempted to send the word “login”, the first time, he only got as far as “L” and “O” before the connection between terminals crashed. A second attempt was successful, proving that it was possible to send digital information from one city to the other via computer.

Those men certainly had reason to celebrate, as their hard work became a stepping stone for creating, what we know today as, the Internet. What followed were many years of additional research, and then the evolution of technology that we now use every day:

1989 – The World Wide Web becomes possible with the invention of Hypertext Markup Language – or HTML and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

1993 – The first usable web browser, Mosaic, becomes available, later changing to Netscape, then Firefox.

1995 – Amazon is born, selling only books in the beginning and then branching out.

1997 – Wi-Fi is released to consumers (available for home use in 1999).

1998 – Google is founded.

1998 – Web publishing tools become available so non-technical people can start building websites.

2003 – Cell phones capable of letting people check email, text, and browse online hit the market.

2007 – The modern era of “smartphones” with touch screens begins.


How to Celebrate Internet Day

While the light bulb, the telephone, and many other discoveries throughout history were important, no other human invention has connected the world as the Internet has. So, each year on October 29th, we’re encouraged to recognize its invention! Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate.

Visit the very first website. It may not look impressive, but imagine the excitement of the first people to launch the first page of the World Wide Web.

Learn more about the progress of the Internet. The Internet Hall of Fame has a timeline that’s easy to follow.

Play your favorite game, stream a movie, or listen to favorite music online with HTC Internet. You probably do this every day, but at least you have a good excuse today!

Research your next Smart Home purchase using HTC Internet. It’s amazing how far the Internet’s capabilities have come. Your next thermostat, refrigerator, or microwave could be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen!


HTC is Proud to Provide Dependable Residential and Business Internet Service

We’ve been around since 1896, which means we’ve seen the invention and progression of the Internet firsthand – and kept up with its advancements. From DSL to Wi-Fi, from copper to fiber, and every other change along the way, we’ve continued to deliver the most affordable, fastest Internet service to keep our customers connected. So if you have any questions about improving your Internet experience, just ask!