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We’re proud to deliver Internet and phone service to a local company who has helped develop Waterloo into the beautiful city it is and a local Columbia company who makes beautiful jewelry!


D&A Builders

In the past 50 years, Dennis and Virginia Brand have certainly left their mark on Waterloo. After starting their construction business in 1975, Dennis built the Station West condominium complex, Sterritt’s Run, the Bradford commercial and residential area, and Sylvan Learning Center, just to name a few. Most recently, he’s been pleasing home buyers in Columbia with custom luxury abodes in the Brellinger development. Virginia has been his office manager since day one.

While the construction business involves a lot of manual labor, the help that Dennis Brand lends to the city of Waterloo comes from the heart. He’s a trustee for the Fire District, and also serves on numerous committees addressing zoning, planning, parks, and greenspace. HTC is proud to deliver dependable Internet and phone service to this family business that has helped transform Waterloo into the beautiful city it is today.


KAT Jewelry

Anyone can buy an engagement ring or wedding band from a mall store, but chances are you won’t find the high-quality service or amazing prices you’ll find at this custom jeweler in Columbia.  Since 2013, Kimmy Taake has poured her passion for fine jewelry into hundreds of beautiful pieces for Monroe County residents. Customers can simply approach Kimmy with an idea or bring a picture of their dream jewelry piece, and she will locate diamonds from one of her partners and create it for half the price of a chain store.

Kimmy Taake chooses to partner with those in the jewelry industry who have the same core philosophy she has: putting the customer first. HTC has always shared that philosophy in our business, which is why we’re proud to offer Internet and phone service to this unique local business.


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